The new building of the Recovery center for children with oncohematological diseases in Kostinbrod has officially entered into operation

14-09-2020 10:46

On 14.09.2020, the project "Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases", officially got its new ‘home’, built on the territory of the Kostinbrod Municipality.

In their greetings on the occasion of the opening of the complex, the Mayor of Kostinbrod - Mr. Trayko Mladenov and the Chairman of the Association "Children with Oncohematological Diseases" - Mr. Plamen Belchev, expressed their gratitude to all institutions that supported its construction, emphasizing the contribution of the programme programme "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups", funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014 - 2021, which will financially ensure for the overall functioning of the center in the next two years.

During the "cutting of the ribbon", symbolizing the opening of the new premises, the mayor of Kostinbrod and the representatives of the Association were joined by many of the children who will use the services of the center.

The newly built complex meets all contemporary standards in terms of providing appropriate conditions for the full physical and mental recovery of children and their loved ones who have gone together through the difficult trials of long-term treatment. In particular, the complex includes a modern administrative building, which houses offices and halls for various activities, as well as seven family-type houses, dining room, swimming pool, sports ground, garden with flower and vegetables and a place for spiritual privacy and reflection.