The activities in the third Hub for early childhood education and care in Sofia have started

27-04-2023 16:23

Project "Model for integrated development for education and care in early childhood in Sofia city" aims to provide support to children and families from vulnerable groups living in three areas of the Sofia municipality -"Filipovtsi" in Lyulin district, Fakulteta distr. in Krasna polyana, and "Hristo Botev" distr. in Slatina region. The main priorities are to improve access to health care, form parenting skills, improve the family environment, increase school readiness and inclusion in the education system. The project offers a complex of functionally related services to improve access to education at an early age, increase the commitment of parents and activate families and the community to ensure quality education and care, through multiple successive interventions: formating of parental competences, improvement of access to health care, improving social and life skills, supporting the cognitive and social development and early education of children. The project is implemented by the Municipality of Sofia in partnership with Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED and the Bulgarian-Norwegian Society.

On April 27, 2023, the activity of the hub started in the "Slatina" region - "Hristo Botev" district at N 7A Vladimir Minkov Street - Lotko.  The premises will be used temporarily until the future hub, which is under construction, opens its doors. Dr. Elena Kabakchieva, chairwoman of Health & Social Development Foundation - HESED, presented the project, its goal, the importance of the implementation of the planned ssuccessive interventions, what has been achieved so far, as well as the team of wonderful professionals who are involved in the center's activities. The event was attended by the Deputy Mayor of the "Slatina" region - engr. Denimir Kotev, representatives of the Municipality of Sofia, representatives of the Programme Operator and other experts from responsible institutions.