Opening event on project "Job Creation in Lyaskovets Municipality"

09-08-2023 12:30

On August 1, 2023, an information event was held on the project "Job Creation in Lyaskovets Municipality" with the beneficiary "Rumoplast-94" Ltd. The main goal of the project is to reduce the number of unemployed and inactive people in the Municipality of Lyaskovets by creating employment in "Rumoplast - 94" OOD. The project beneficiary will assist in providing accessible information about job vacancies and organizing meetings between it and job seekers in order to create employment opportunities, including for disadvantaged people. Three employees have already been appointed to the project, two of the positions are in the production sector, and the third is part of the enterprise's administration. The project also provides mentoring and training to new hires. Its duration is until April 30, 2024 and with a total budget of 36,404 euros.