Opening event on the project "Introducing an innovative method to increase the economic activity and job creation"

03-07-2023 15:51

On June 27, 2023, an opening event was held for the project "Introduction of an innovative method to stimulate economic activity and create jobs" with the beneficiary ZIP TRAVEL BULGARIA Ltd. and partner Cluster for Education, Training and Qualifications. The project is aimed at creating opportunities for employment and increasing the qualifications of unemployed persons and/or persons from vulnerable groups, by introducing innovative approaches to providing information about jobs, improving the organization of work and acquiring professional knowledge, skills and competencies. The overall goal of the project is to introduce innovative approaches aimed at stimulating economic activity and creating jobs in the city of Bansko.

Some of the activities include:

- Conducting an informational career forum to identify the opportunities and needs of unemployed persons and persons from vulnerable groups for inclusion in the local labor market;

- Selection of unemployed persons and/or persons from vulnerable groups and appointment of 8 (eight) persons to an employment contract with the candidate;

- Delivery of a cloud solution for virtual work;

- Introduced an innovative approach for the development of local employment on the territory of the municipality of Bansko.

The total cost of the project is BGN 383,000, and the deadline for implementation is April 30, 2024.