Opening pressconference on project "Social and Educational Service Hub for vulnerable children and their families"

17-10-2022 15:36

On 13.10.2022, an opening pressconference "Social and Educational Service Hub for vulnerable children and their families" was held with the beneficiary Municipality of Maglizh and partners Municipality of Nikolaevo, Narodno chitalishte „Probuda-1869“ and Cross-Cultural Introduction AS (Norway ). The total amount of the project is EUR 499,759.23 (BGN 977,429.10).


The main goal of the project is to create three hubs for functionally related social and educational services to support children from vulnerable groups and their families on the territory of the municipalities of Maglizh and Nikolaevo.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • Building infrastructural and organizational capacity in the target municipalities to address the problems of social isolation of vulnerable groups through training of Roma mediators.
  • Development of skills to deal with social isolation, cultural differences and economic problems of the vulnerable population by creating modern conditions for the development of children (0-6 years); providing opportunities for sports and training in the Bulgarian language to improve speech skills and create healthy habits for life within the framework of a developed innovative interdisciplinary sports and games methodology for children from 0 to 6 years old.
  • Building capacity to support families from vulnerable groups by providing relevant education, health services and support.
  • Transfer of good practices from Norway in the field of socially significant problems in early childhood, working with families of vulnerable groups to build integration bridges. Creation and strengthening of bilateral relations between the Bulgarian and Norwegian partners.
  • Overcoming the educational deficits and the lack of motivation in the target groups of the project through participation in activities to acquire speaking skills in Bulgarian and increase the quality of life in the two municipalities. By creating the three hubs for socially connected services, we aim to increase the quality of life of vulnerable groups and provide opportunities for social support to families and children from the target group. All specialists engaged in working on the project will perform mobile services within the framework of the planned activities and in the other settlements in the municipalities where persons from the target groups of the project have been identified.