Predefined project for construction of National Multiprofile Paediatric Hospital


Today, 04.05.2020, the Programme Operator of the "Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups" programme, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, opens the procedure for the pre-defined project “Conceptual, technical and detailed design for construction of National Multiprofile Paediatric Hospital”.

The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Health.

Territory of the project implementation:  Sofia

The funding allocated to this procedure is up to EUR 500 000.

The main objective of the procedure is the development a сonceptual, technical and detailed design for the construction of a national pediatric hospital, that offers comprehensive medical services for children. The project should provide a modern hospital design, tailored to the treatment and healing needs of the children, combining a functional, effective and rational solution for the different hospital departments and their internal connection.  

The deadline for application is: 05.06.2020, 18h.

 Application Guidelines and other related documents:

1. Насоки за кандидатстване 

2. Application guidelines 

3. Документи за попълване 

4. Documents for submission 

5. Документи за информация 

6. Documents for information

The Application Guidelines and the related documents (in Bulgarian and English) are published also in UMIS 2020 at the following address: 



The procedure was cancelled at the request of the Ministry of Health, dated 05.06.2020.