"Black Sea E-mobility"

Project title: "Black Sea E-mobility"

Project number: 4.004-0010-C01

Beneficiary: Municipality Kavarna

Project Partners:

  • Municipality Dolni Chiflik;
  • Municipality Byala;
  • Municipality Dulgopol;
  • Municipality Nessebar;
  • Municipality Primorsko;
  • Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities;

Budget: 779 674.75 BGN               

Start of implementation: Grant Contract Number D - 33-9/31.03.2023.

Duration: 13 months


Brief description: 

This project proposal aims to promote adaptation to climate change, prevention and risk management. The ambition is to integrate adaptation into the day-to-day functioning of municipal administrations. Local authorities need to be strategically prepared and with the appropriate expertise to ensure and support adaptation actions. All partner municipalities have strategic development plans that focus to varying degrees on the challenges of mitigating and adapting to the negative effects of climate change. It is crucial to improve the capacity of municipalities to review and evaluate the effectiveness of their strategic plans and the measures already taken to identify gaps in climate action. Therefore, the project aims to prepare the six partner municipalities to evaluate their strategic plans and programs, as well as the already implemented climate actions. To help them take a new strategic step towards applying the latest knowledge and experience in the field of climate action in the field of transport. To achieve them, an integrated approach was used, which includes a set of activities of various types and modes of impact.

A series of trainings, research and borrowing of good practices from donor countries will improve the capacity of local authorities to plan socially acceptable policies related to adaptation, implementation of measures to prevent or minimize the damage that can cause climate change. To mitigate and adapt to the specific impact of climate change on the territories with developed maritime tourism, an innovative, demonstration model will be applied on the territory of the partner municipalities: a "Black Sea Corridor for Electromobility" will be built, which will lead to climate change mitigation and adaptation.