A closing press conference was held under the project BGENVIRONMENT-4.004-0004-C01"GoGreenLocal - active policies at local level for climate change adaptation and mitigation"

29-03-2024 17:28

On March 21, in the Municipality of Bobov Dol, a partner in the "GoGreenlocal - active policies at the local level for adaptation and mitigation of climate change" project, financed under the  "Environmental Protection and Climate Change" Programme of the FM of the EEA 2014-2021, was held a closing press conference. It presented detailed information on the main and specific goals achieved in the process of the project implementation, as well as specific results, indicators and implemented activities.

In addition, the press conference introduced to the public the financial contribution of the Financial Mechanism and the Programme, as well as the overall contribution of the implementation of the project, achieved with the teamwork with the beneficiary of the project - the Municipality of Pernik, as well as the benefit of the bilateral cooperation with the institutions of the donor countries were indicated.