The implementation of five projects for reduction of marine waste under the Environmental Protection and Climate Change Programme has started

15-03-2021 11:07

The five municipalities from the Black Sea region - Burgas, Pomorie, Primorsko, Nessebar and Beloslav have started the implementation of their projects under the "Small Grant Scheme for Marine Litter Reduction Measures". Funded projects will take initiatives to reduce the amount of waste in the marine environment, including training and raising awareness of marine water pollution. Each of them will be implemented within 24 months from the date of signing the grant agreement and will be implemented in partnership with both Bulgarian organizations and foreign donor countries.

The implementation of the grant scheme is extremely important due to the prevention of pollution, as well as the implementation of real measures for the purification of sea water. The sad fact is that tons of plastic waste fall into the world's seas and oceans every year. Once discarded, they remain there. The negative effect is serious because of the plastic microparticles that get into the soil, enter the food chain, drinking water and air. Therefore, the awareness of the citizens, through a number of campaigns, is an essential part of the measures taken by the beneficiaries in the implementation of the projects.

The "Small Grant Scheme for Marine Litter Reduction Measures" under Result 2 "Marine Water Assessment, Monitoring and Management System" was the third open call for applications from the Environmental Protection and Climate Change Programme. Its total amount is 700,000 euros.