Labour Inspectors from Bulgaria, Norway Perform Joint Checks

12-10-2022 11:49

Officials from the General Labour Inspectorate (GLI) and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority have conducted joint inspections in the region of Stara Zagora, Southern Bulgaria, into undeclared employment in sectors considered a high-risk for such offences in the two countries, such as construction, farming and restaurant work, GLI said on Tuesday. The checks were part of the activities in a transborder project on cooperation for decent work conditions financed by the Norway Grants 2014-2021. 

During the inspection of construction sites, the guests were impressed with the powers of the Bulgarian GLI to undertake measures to rectify violations on site. Work was suspended in two construction sites during the inspections due to occupational health and safety (OHS) breaches. 

During the inspection in farming, the officials discussed the rights and obligations of parties in signing employment contracts for short-term seasonal farming work and ways to exercise control. 

The guests said they were impressed with the integrated control exercised by the Bulgarian labour inspectors and their expertise in conducting checks into both employment relations and the provision of proper OHS. The Norwegian experts noted that the number of checks a Bulgarian labour inspector performs in a year is almost double the number of checks carried out by the staff of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. 

The project on cooperation for decent work conditions, where GLI is a beneficiary, aims to promote and strengthen the relations and cooperation between the two countries' labour authorities by organizing an awareness campaign and conducting joint checks intended to raise awareness regarding decent working conditions and putting an end to undeclared employment. 

Source: BTA