Official launching of the Programme Social Dialogue Decent Work 2014-2021 for Bulgaria

19-09-2018 13:39

More equal, fair and productive labor market - these are the priority areas of Social Dialogue - Decent Work Programme, part of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for period 2014-2021. The official launching of the Programme for Bulgaria will take place in Sofia, 18 of September, Hotel Sense with the participation of Deputy Minister Zornitsa Rusinova and representatives of Norwegian and Bulgarian trade unions and employers' organizations. The objective of the Programme is strengthened tripartite cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities and the promotion of decent work, job creation, growth and competitiveness.

The support for Bulgaria under the Social Dialogue - Decent Work Programme amounted at € 0.9 million and is intended for employers' organizations, trade unions and public bodies and institutions for promotion of the decent work or tripartite dialogue. Business associations, non-governmental organizations, educational and research institutions working on social dialogue and decent work could be included in the program as project partners.

Eligible applicants seeking funding should focus their projects on improving social dialogue, such as strengthening of social partners capacity-building or awareness-raising activities on decent work, unregulated work, non-discrimination, or on health and safe working conditions.

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