Key meeting in Veliko Tarnovo for interaction in cases of domestic violence

20-03-2023 14:15

A key meeting for cooperation in cases of domestic violence was held in Veliko Tarnovo between police, lawyers and Roma mediators.

Roma mediators Valeri Angelov, Atanas Atanasov and lawyers Irena Stasinopoulo, Tsvetomira Yordanova, Kalina Lupa, and Dobroslava Kerekova discussed with the Director of Security Police at the Ministry of the Interior District Directorate Boyan Bratolov how to more effectively coordinate their actions in protecting victims of domestic violence.

During the meeting, the Roma mediators shared the good practice of mobile teams together with lawyers from their work on the ground in Roma neighbourhoods and remote settlements.

The initiative is part of a project financed by the 2014-2021 NFM and implemented by the National Bureau of Legal Assistance.