Minister Zarkov at the Training Centre of the GDIN in Pleven

11-10-2022 10:33

The Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov, who is also the head of the Programme Operator of the Justice Programme, visited the only Training Centre in the system of the Execution of Punishments General Directorate – the one in Pleven. It has three well-equipped training rooms, a computer room, two outdoor sports grounds, a sports hall, a gym, simulation cells, a research library and recreation areas. The capacity is for 40 people. The building was extensively renovated in 2015 with the help of the Norwegian Mechanism.

Minister Zarkov reaffirmed on the spot one of the main priorities of the Ministry, namely the construction of a new training centre linked to a pilot prison. With the support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, a new prison will be set up in the village of Samoranovo, a prison and a staff training centre will be built, where candidates for GDIN staff will be trained according to specially developed programmes and methodologies, created with the participation of Norwegian and international experts with great experience. The conceptual design foresees the construction of a modern conference area within the training centre, with the capacity and facilities to host national and international events.

In Pleven, Minister Zarkov was accompanied by the Deputy Minister Maria Pavlova and the Director General of GDIN, Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Yordanov.