How does the nursery built under the NFM continue to be used in the Sliven prison

04-04-2023 14:35

Almost 10 years after the implementation of the "Rehabilitation of a medical centre and nursery in the prison in the city of Sliven" project under the previous program period of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the results are sustainable and continue to be upgraded.

This was established on the ground by the Minister of Justice and head of the Justice Programme, Krum Zarkov, and the respective deputy minister, Maria Pavlova, at the prison in Sliven.

In the medical centre in the prison, which was renovated with NFM funds, women incarcerated receive adequate and highly qualified outpatient care.

There are 4 consulting and reception offices - a dental medicine office, a gynaecological office, an outpatient clinic, a pharmacy, an isolator with a private bathroom, an inpatient unit with 2 hospital beds for short-term treatment, a service room with a sterilization room, a waiting room with an aseptic machine.

A mother and her baby are currently housed in the crèche at the prison. According to the Enforcement of Sentences and Detention Act, children of imprisoned women can stay with their mothers in the prison ward until they reach the age of one.

The ward, renovated with funds from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, has 10 beds, a play area, a dairy kitchen where mothers can prepare food, a service room for the children with a bathroom, a washing machine and a dryer.

Since its opening, over 30 babies have been raised here.