Minister Zarkov visited the field in the village of Samoranovo, designated for the construction of a new prison

25-08-2022 16:17

Minister of Justice and Head of the Programme Operator of the Justice Programme Krum Zarkov visited the site in the village of Samoranovo near Dupnitsa, designated for the construction of the new pilot prison, training center and a half way house.

On the spot, the Justice Minister visited the site where the most modern penitentiary complex in Bulgaria is planned to be built, meeting the modern European requirements.

The funds for it are under the project “Enhancing the capacity of prison staff, building a pilot prison facility, connected to a training center and improving the rehabilitation of prisoners”, implemented by the Execution of Punishments General Directorate (GDIN) under the Justice Programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Upon taking office, Minister Zarkov announced his main priorities, among which is taking a decisive step for the implementation of the new prison project and full transparency in its application.

Last week, the procurement for the construction of a pilot prison linked to a staff training centre and the construction of a Half way house was re-published on the e-procurement portal website.

Minister Zarkov is scheduled to make a working visit to Norway at the beginning of next week, where he will discuss the activities on the implementation of the project with the Norwegian partners.

During his visit to Samoranovo the Minister of Justice was accompanied by the Deputy Minister Maria Pavlova, the Director General of the DGIN, Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Yordanov and other experts on the project.