The new penitentiary complex in Samoranovo today

19-03-2024 11:48

The new penitentiary complex in Samoranovo today: the Deputy Minister of Justice Georgi Nikolov, the Head of the Programme Operator of the Justice Programme and Head of the Political Cabinet Dr. Borislav Ganchev and the Director General of the Directorate General for the Execution of Punishments (DGEP) Chief Commissioner General Ivaylo Yordanov inspected the construction works on site. In the village of Dupnitsa, the pilot prison for 400 inmates, the training centre for 100 DGEP employees, the new transitional ward, the school, the workshops for work, the social centre are being completed in parallel.

Work is in full swing, Bulgaria will soon have its first modern prison in 60 years, thanks to the NFM 2014 — 2021!