Experts from the PROTECT project with an information day for young people on domestic violence

12-03-2024 11:55

Experts from the PROTECT project talked on the topic of domestic violence with young people, part of the Youth Leadership Academy of the ‘Arete’ Youth Foundation.

During the meeting this social problem was discussed, which does not find an adequate solution in terms of prevention. Young people say the media and society need to pay more attention to the socio-economic conditions that are a critical factor in domestic violence against women. At the same time, they shared their concern about the often one-sided presentation of domestic violence cases among vulnerable groups, which reinforces existing stereotypes and attitudes in society related to perpetrators and victims of crime.

All participants expressed their conviction that education is the most important way to overcome these prejudices and to create a social and cultural environment in which everyone is equal and has an equal chance for development.

The event was part of the information campaign of the project ‘Inform — Investigate — Protect: Preventing Violence against Women (PROTECT)’, implemented by the Bulgarian Chamber of Investigators in partnership with the University of Oslo and Research & Training Point Foundation and funded by the Justice Programme of the NFM 2014 —2021.