The construction of the new prison and the new detention facility in Samoranovo is progressing, and the activities take place under two PDP of GDEP

19-05-2023 11:50

The Deputy Minister of Justice Maria Pavlova, who is also the head of Program area 19 “Correctional Services and pre-trial detention” of the Justice Program of the NFM 2014 – 2021, checked today the progress on the construction of the new detention facility in Samoranovo. The site is part of the PDP 1 “Ensuring a secure and safe material environment in prisons and detention facilities”.

The construction and assembly activities for the renovation of the Samoranovo prison unit of open type at the Bobov Dol prison, the separation of a half way house and the construction of the arrest are entirely within the time schedule set by the assignor.

The project envisages complete construction of a modern detention facility in one of the existing old buildings on the terrain, which will have a capacity of up to 40 detainees, separation of a half way house – housing for the persons who are about to be released and renovation of the existing open-type unit, in which, at about100 prisoners are currently housed.

Deputy Minister Pavlova also checked on-site the progress on the construction of the new Penitentiary complex in Samoranovo, which includes a training center and a new prison.

In the meantime, today, GDEP published an invitation to participate in market consultations under Art. 44 of the PPA for the supply and installation of lifts and a platform for ensuring access for people in wheelchairs for the new prison and staff training center.

You can see the invitation here: