The paper version of the risk assessment tool for prisoners will have a digital version

23-05-2023 11:54

Workshops in connection with the implementation of the activity "Development of a risk assessment tool for prisoners and its digital version" under the project "Increasing the staff capacity, building a pilot prison connected to a training center and improving the rehabilitation of prisoners" under the Justice Program of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, were held in Pleven.

Within two days - from 17 to 19 May this year, experts, representatives of the prisons in the country, members of the project implementation and management teams and Prof.  Yoan Durnescu, one of the leading international experts in the field, discussed the introduction of a risk assessment tool for prisoners.

The meeting was also attended by IT- experts, whose task is to recreate the paper version of the risk assessment tool in a digital one, as part of the already implemented Information System “Execution of Punishments” (ISEP).

As part of the activity to improve and update the risk assessment tool, trainings for 40 trainers are to be held, who will in turn train 120 prison employees to apply the new tool and its digital version