Inter-institutional cooperation and the work of probation boards in the focus of a seminar

23-10-2023 11:43

Another 20 heads of probation services participated in a training organized under the pre-defined project “Strengthening the implementation of alternative measures to imprisonment” (MAP 3) under the Justice Programme, Programme Area 19 “Correctional Services and Pre-trial Detention” of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 - 2021.

The event, which took place from 16-18 October 2023, was in implementation of Sub-Activity 4.2 "Develop and adopt inter-institutional agreements for cooperation with stakeholders to improve the functioning of Probation Boards at local and national level" of DA 3.

In addition to heads of probation services and chairpersons of probation councils from the country, the seminar was also attended by national expert Hristo Ormandjiev, university lecturer in law, as well as international experts Vesna Zelic Ferenčić and Matea Sršen, heads of local probation services from Croatia. The guests presented the European practices in the work of Probation Boards and the functioning of equivalent multi-institutional commissions.

The inter-institutional cooperation and work of the Probation Councils in Bulgaria was discussed and the inter-institutional agreements for cooperation with stakeholders developed within the project were presented, which aim to improve the functioning of the Probation Councils at local and national level.

The work of the Probation Councils in Bulgaria, European practices related to alternative measures to imprisonment, as well as the implementation of probation sentences and inter-institutional cooperation were also presented.

The main focus of the seminar was on the introduction of new alternative measures to imprisonment in Bulgaria, including an analysis of European probation practices and proposals for legislative changes.