Experts from GDEP and the Norwegian Correctional Service are preparing a training programme for prison management staff

24-02-2023 11:54

Working visit to the Kingdom of Norway of the expert group under Activity 2.6 “Development of a training programme for management staff of the General Directorate Execution of Penalties and prisons under the project “Enhancing the capacity of the prison staff, building a pilot prison facility connected to a training centre and improving the rehabilitation of prisoners”.  

The exchange took place from 13 to 17 February 2023 in Oslo and Lillestrøm.

Within 3 days, the participants in the visit - heads of prisons and experts from GDEP, together with colleagues from the Norwegian Correctional Service and the national expert on Activity 2.6 – Prof. Snezhana Ilieva from Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, outlined the important areas and topics for the preparation of the training programme for the management staff of GDEP and prisons.

The Bulgarian participants also visited the Romerike prison, where they had the opportunity to share their views and experiences on prison management with their Norwegian counterparts.