The Head of the Justice Programme held a technical meeting with the NFM Financial Mechanism Office

24-02-2022 11:33

"The main activities are being carried out to achieve the set results of the implementation of the Justice Programme of the NFM 2014-2021, despite the challenges related to the pandemic." This was stated by Desislava Gaidarova, Head of the Program Operator of the Program and Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice during the technical meeting with representatives of the NFM Financial Mechanism Office, the National Coordination Unit and the beneficiary General Directorate Execution of Sentences.

For example, Ms. Gaidarova pointed to the completed rebuilding of an existing building at the Pazardzhik Prison and its transformation into a training center for prisoners. The conceptual design for the building of the training center and the pilot prison in Bulgaria was also adopted. Applications have been submitted for the issuance of the relevant permits by the responsible institutions. Desislava Gaidarova also focused on the field work of the teams of lawyers and Roma mediators, who provide legal aid to people living below the poverty line, incl. women and children from the Roma community with a focus on domestic violence. Progress has also been made on e-learning of police officers, prosecutors and judges on fundamental rights and the rule of law and the prevention of violence against women and domestic violence.