SJC holds discussions on working documents to enhance professionalism in the judiciary

16-11-2022 13:06

The Supreme Judicial Council organized in the period 17 – 19 November 2022 a series of events for the presentation of the activities under the project “Strengthening the Professionalism in the Judiciary”, implemented with the grant under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021.

On 17 November 2022, a Round Table will be held on “Presentation of an initial version of the Analysis “Measures to ensure better functioning of the Bulgarian judiciary in relation to the procedures for appointment, selection and career development of magistrates”. It will present and discuss the initial version of the Analysis of the Procedures for the Appointment, Selection and Career Development of Magistrates and proposals for improving the legislation and/or organisational changes. The proposals for legislative amendments have been prepared by the working group, which includes ten Bulgarian magistrates, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, foreign experts on the project, members of the SJC and officials of the SJC administration.

On 18 November 2022 a Round Table will be held on “Presentation of an Initial Version of the Analysis “Opportunities for Restorative Justice in Bulgaria within the Current Legislation - Restorative Approaches in Criminal Justice and Sentencing”.

On the following day – 19 November 2022, a working meeting will be held on the topic “Presentation of the initial version of the Analysis of the “Activity of Court Interpreters in the Republic of Bulgaria” and definition of the parameters of the Unified Register of Court Interpreters in Bulgaria”. The purpose of the forum is to outline the necessary elements of the register, which will be provided to an external contractor for the development of a detailed technical specification for its creation, for which a public procurement is to be announced.

Three experts from Norway with extensive experience as international legal experts will take part in the round tables: Mr. Doug Brathall – Judge of the Frostating Court of Appeal, Mrs. Elisabeth Bauman – Judge of the Borgarting Court of Appeal, and Mr. Björn Larsen – Prosecutor. The events will be attended by the members of the project’s working group, representatives of the judiciary, the MoJ, professional organisations, as well as lawyers, citizens, journalists and others.