The construction of the first transitional ward in Burgas - half way house is on schedule

23-11-2023 17:27

Burgas: the process of building the first transitional ward in the country, the so-called half way house, in the open-type prison hostel "Builder" at the prison in the seaside town.

The introduction of the half way house in the penitentiary system in our country lays the foundation for a new social-integration concept for the training of prisoners. The desired outcome is to reduce the risk of reoffending, as opposed to cases where prisoners are released directly.

The task before the builder in Burgas is to renovate the dormitory and to build in its yard the new ward and administrative part. The conceptual project in Burgas envisages the transitional ward to include conditions and premises close to the family environment.

The funds are part of the project "Providing a safe and secure material environment in prisons and detention facilities" under Programme Area 19 "Correctional Services and Pre-trial Detention" of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

Under the same project, similar transitional wards will be set up in the "Hebros" and "Samoranovo" dormitories, respectively in Plovdiv and Bobov Dol prisons.