Tenders are being accepted until May 20 for the construction of the first prison half way house in the country, which will be in Burgas

19-04-2022 13:52

The public procurement for the reconstruction of the prison hostel “Stroitel” at the prison in Burgas, with a half way house” has been published on the Public Procurement Portal.

The investment project provides for the renovation and conversion of the existing two-storey building, which currently functions as an open-type prison hostel, and the construction of a new building that includes a Half Way House, an administrative area and a prisoners’ kiosk. The deadline for completion of the contract is up to 400 calendar days and tenders are due 19.05.2022, 11:59 p.m., opening 20.05. 2022, 2 p.m.

The facility is part of the project “Ensuring safe and secure conditions in prisons and places of detention” under the Justice Programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NFM). It provides for prisoners and detainees to be placed in better conditions and for staff in penitentiary institutions to be provided with better and safer working conditions.   

The project envisages transitional wards, the so-called half-way house, to be built in the prison hostels “Hebros”, “Samoranovo” and “Stroitel”, respectively in the prisons in Plovdiv, Bobov Dol and Burgas. In this way, a new social integration concept will be introduced for the preparation of prisoners for adaptation and inclusion in society after release. This model will be applied in the process of reintegration of prisoners during the period when they still need support. The aim is thus to reduce the risk of reoffending, unlike in cases where prisoners are released directly.

The public procurement for Bobov Dol and Plovdiv is to be announced.