Representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the General Directorate of Internal Affairs discussed the building of a new prison with local residents in the village of Samoranovo

16-03-2022 11:46

Deputy Minister of Justice Emil Dechev, Chief Secretary of the Ministry Desislava Gaidarova, who is also the head of the Program Operator of the Justice Programme of the NFM 2014-2021, Director General of the General Directorate Execution of Sentences Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Yordanov and other experts from both institutions met with the local community of the village of Samoranovo in the Municipality of Dupnitsa. It is in the land of Samoranovo that the terrain is designated for the building of a training center for the needs of GDES and a pilot prison to it, which are to be implemented under the project "Enhancing the capacity of the prison staffbuilding a pilot prison facility connected to a training centre and improving the rehabilitation of prisoners” under the NFM.

The meeting was hosted by the mayor of the village Rayko Tsvetkov, and its implementation is in fulfillment of a commitment to the people of Samoranovo experts from the project management team to acquaint them in detail with the conceptual and working design for a new prison. It was also attended by MP Snezhanka Trayanska.

The discussion focused not only on the benefits of building new modern facilities for the region, but also on the concerns of the population. It was pointed out that initial estimates envisage the creation of approximately 90 new jobs, which can benefit the local community, and that the implementation of the project will create opportunities for cooperation with local employers and stakeholders in the field of employment and realization of local projects in the field of production. It was clarified that the investment intention of GDES envisages the building of the most modern type of facility, meeting European standards, including in terms of security and protection systems.

Regarding people's concerns that the building of the prison will exacerbate the problem of lack of drinking water in the village, it was explained that the use of water will be from two sources - one for drinking needs from a settlement water supply system and the second for fire-fighting needs by building a drilling shaft well. Deputy Minister Dechev pointed out that talks will be initiated with the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, which will consider the possibilities of how to invest funds to improve the water supply in the village with the upcoming budget update.

Before the discussion in Samoranovo, the representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the General Directorate held a working meeting with the Mayor of Dupnitsa, Eng. Metodi Chimev, and visited the area designated for the building of a prison, training center and half-way house.