The Ministry of Justice continues to work on the issue of domestic violence

02-12-2023 16:30

‘It is important to build mechanisms for recognizing domestic violence and for the state to implement effective victim protection and violence prevention,’ Dr. Borislav Ganchevs aid, Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice and Head of the Justice Programme of NFM  2014-2021 at the opening of the exhibition ‘Awakening Between the Lines’ in town of Pernik tonight. It is organized by the P.U.L.S. Foundation under a project funded by the NFM. In their canvases, popular Bulgarian illustrators, multidisciplinary creators and street artists have translated real stories of victims in their desire to give voice to the problem of physical and emotional violence.

The exhibition is part of an inspiring series of art projects by EMPROVE.

Ganchev also said that a big step has been made with the adoption of key amendments to the Act on Protection from Domestic Violence this year. ‘At the moment, under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, a wide range of experts are working on the preparation of a Coordination Mechanism — a document that will describe the specific mechanism of interaction between all institutions involved in the prevention and protection of victims and work with perpetrators of domestic violence,’ Ganchev further stressed and added that the assistance provided by the non-governmental sector in this area is extremely important. 

He thanked the Kingdom of Norway, which through the financial mechanism helps our country in its efforts to provide effective assistance to victims and work with perpetrators by funding projects such as the one of the P.U.L.S. Foundation on the implementation of specialized services at local level in relation to domestic violence in the cities of Pernik and Kardzhali.