Domestic Violence Prevention Handbook to Help Teachers

05-01-2024 16:46

A domestic violence prevention guide is now available to help teachers.

It was prepared by colleagues from the RE-ACTION project team and its electronic format can be found here:

The aim of the manual is to increase the ability of educational staff (teachers, pedagogues, pedagogical advisors, principals, school psychologists, educational experts) to recognize the signs of domestic violence among children and their families, as well as gender-based violence and other forms of violence among children at school.

Enables education professionals to work on the subject with students of all age groups and at all levels of education.

Sample activities are offered in the handbook, which aim to point out situations of risk related to violence. It also provides examples of national and international campaigns on efforts to reduce school and family violence and domestic violence, which students can learn about and get involved in, through various initiatives, during the school or calendar year.

The handbook was prepared with the support of the project partner - Municipality of Tundzha, reflecting the needs and specificities of the schools and teachers working in the municipality.