The heads of the Prison and the District Offices for the Execution of Penalties participated in a training programme on professional ethics

13-11-2023 14:25

Professional ethics was the focus of the training, which took place in Varna, from 1 to 3 November this year. It is in implementation of activity 2.4 “Development of a new code of ethics and staff training programme on professional ethics” under the project “Improving the capacity of prison staff, building a pilot prison linked to a training centre and improving the rehabilitation of prisoners” (Predifined project 2) under the Justice Programme.

The training was attended by the heads of the prisons, the heads of the Regional Offices for the Execution of Penalties at the GDEP and three Norwegian experts - the director of Ona Prison Leif Magne Viste, the international coordinator and senior advisor from the University College of the Norwegian Correctional Service (KRUS) Ule Stageberg and Leo Emblensvag - an expert from KRUS.

The guests presented their experience in the field of professional ethics, based on the practice in the Norwegian Correctional Service and the Krus Academy.

During the training, the draft Code of Conduct for civil servants of the General Directorate for the Execution of Penalties, which is to be approved by the Minister of Justice, was discussed in detail.