The Chamber of Investigators works to increase the capacity of the Bulgarian authorities in countering domestic violence

14-03-2023 15:39

"I expect that the cooperation between the Chamber of Investigators in Bulgaria, the Research & Training Point Foundation and the University of Oslo on the one hand, and the Ministry of Justice on the other hand, will contribute to increasing the overall capacity of the Bulgarian institutions in the field of domestic violence and violence against women". This was stated today by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Maria Pavlova, during the opening of the Information - Investigation - Protection: Combating Violence Against Women (PROTECT), project financed by the 2014-2021 Norwegian Financial Mechanism and implemented by the Chamber of Investigators in Bulgaria in partnership with the University of Oslo and the Research & Training Point Foundation.

Deputy Minister Pavlova added that as a result of the upcoming activities, valuable experience will be exchanged between investigators from different judicial districts and researchers at the University of Oslo. "I believe that with the establishment of this cooperation, the capacity of our colleagues will be increased and new methods of investigating and countering human trafficking will be identified", Minister Pavlova said.

The project is aimed at increasing the capacity of the Bulgarian authorities in the field of combating domestic violence and violence against women. Part of the activities of the project envisage the implementation of a targeted campaign to meet representatives of the judiciary with representatives of Roma communities to formulate common goals and priorities in the fight against domestic violence. Also trained will be 128 experts involved in the fight against gender-based violence and violence against women.

The Head of the project is Prof. Dr. Georgi Petrunov, lecturer in the Department of Economic Sociology at The University of National and World Economy.