"The Тaste of Life" or why everything is achievable

05-05-2023 22:35

"I fulfilled my dream becoming an actress. I would like children to believe in themselves, to see that they have many opportunities. I want to give them courage to go forward and not to give up," Natalia Tsekova said after the emotional one-woman show "The Taste of Life" in front of students from the 66-th secondary school in Sofia. With a lot of humour and true stories Natalia reaches their hearts. She knows how to do it, she graduated from The National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, she acts in cinema and in theater, and she is not afraid to talk about her Roma origin.

The show is about 3 weddings, 1 funeral, proms and baptisms, all spiced up with a lot of music and cheer. The performance grabs the children's attention and takes them into a world of hope, optimism and unlimited possibilities. They listen, they laugh and their eyes shine. Art is the shortcut to positive change. With full awareness of its impact, International Organization for Migration in Bulgaria organised the event under the project "Raising awareness of local communities in areas with significant Roma populations on asylum and migration issues", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.