The 10th Cooperation Committee Meeting of the Home Affairs Programme was held on 8 December 2022

12-12-2022 14:40

The 10th Cooperation Committee Meeting of the Home Affairs Programme was held online on 8 December 2022. All member organisations participated in the meeting: representatives of the Programme Operator (Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria), the National Police Directorate of Norway, the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, and the Council of Europe. Observers were represented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest, the Financial Mechanism Office, the National Focal Point, and the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria.
The participants reviewed the progress made in the implementation of the Home Affairs Programme, the outcome of the calls for proposals carried out in the past year as well as the implementation of bilateral activities. The discussion continued on risks that could affect implementation of certain projects, possible mitigation measures, and transfer of saved funds to projects that have added value to the programme’s outcomes. Detailed information was presented for the financial implementation of the programme and the public procurement process under the projects.
In addition, representatives of the project promoter of pre-defined project 13 “Preventing and Countering Corruption” were invited to take part in the meeting. The officials of the Internal Security Directorate at the Ministry of Interior shared information about the results achieved under the project whose activities were completed in 2022.

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