Over 1800 police officers and cadets have been specially trained to work in multi-ethnic environment and with Roma communities

16-06-2023 10:37

When you are patient and you have a good attitude, you get the same, and this is not only valid for working with Roma. We need to build a confidence zone - a person should feel safe to share and be confident that we will help them, share Yana Veleva and Kalina Velikova, who are in their fourth year at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. They are part of the more than 1,800 officers and cadets who have received special training to work in multi-ethnic environments, including Roma communities.

The biggest challenge, according to them, is that most of the Roma cannot read and write, so it is necessary to explain to them in a longer and calm way. They are convinced that if you create an atmosphere where Roma feel comfortable, they will cooperate, which will facilitate their activities and bring positive results. The girls are confident that the lessons they have learned will help them in their future work - they both want to become police investigators. The trainings are part of the project " Capacity building of the police officers working in multi-ethnic environment, including Roma communities and prevention of ill-treatment by the police", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.