New 3D scanners help detect crimes

10-03-2023 09:55

3D scanners that record in details the scenes of traffic accidents and criminal offences have been provided to 10 Regional Directorates of the General Directorate National Police under the project "Improving the capacity of police and forensic activity dealing with material evidence in pre-trial investigation process" (BGHOMEAFFAIRS-2.003-0001-C05), funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The Directorates have been selected after a detailed analysis where the most accidents have occurred and where the most pre-trial proceedings have been conducted.

The 3D scanners that our country already has at its disposal is an innovative technology in criminal investigations that has been recently applied in the  EU countries. The technology allows three-dimensional 360-degree imaging, as well as overhead viewing. It can be used indoors or outdoors, including large areas. The laser technology is high-resolution, determining distances, dimensions and displacement, and the cameras allow capturing the real colors. The software applied can rebuild and reconstruct traffic accidents or crime scenes, helping to detect them.