More than 4000 refugees have received support under a project of Caritas Sofia and the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

14-03-2024 15:01

How does it feel to be a child who has traveled thousands of miles and arrived in a country where everything is different? He or she doesn't understand the language, the environment, the tradirtions. It is alone, his parents, friends and acquaintances are gone, he has only himself and he has to cope somehow. It took this path because there is a war in its country, it has nothing to lose, it has not attended school, and worst of all, it can hardly even write in its own language.

More than 1,000 unaccompanied minors and more than 3,000 adults have been assisted with social, health and educational services under the project "Support for the Future", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism's Home Affairs Programme and implemented by Caritas Sofia in partnership with the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

During the closing event, representatives of the Programme Operator International Projects Directorate, Ministry of Interior congratulated the beneficiaries for their efforts and the results achieved in the implementation of the project. 

The focus of the project is unaccompanied minors who are among the most vulnerable refugee children seeking international protection.  Working with them aims to support their childhood development as well as opportunities for building skills for career guidance and social adaptation.