Information day under the Home Affairs Programme, Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

21-05-2019 15:30

On 21st of May 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria International Project Directorate within the Ministry of Interior as a Programme Operator of Home Affairs Progamme, Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 held an information day for project promoters under the following published pre-defined projects:

- (PDP) № 4 “Extension of the Communication Infrastructure of MoI”, project promoter - Communication and Information Systems Directorate - Ministry of Interior (MoI);

- PDP № 5 “Enhancement of the International Police Cooperation and the Prevention of International Criminal Activities“, project promoter - International Operational Cooperation Directorate – MoI;

- PDP № 6 “Improvement capacity of police and forensic activity dealing with material evidence in pre-trial investigation process“ , project promoter- General Directorate National Police – MoI;

- PDP № 7 „Development of Expert Forensic Examinations and Activities at the Research Institute of Forensic Sciences at the Ministry of Interior (RIFS) and technical upgrade and expansion of the possibilities of five basic regional forensic laboratories”, project promoter - Research Institute of Forensic Sciences – MoI, project partner  National Criminal Investigation Service – Norway;

- PDP № 8 „Increasing the effectiveness of SANS for combating crime including money laundering, terrorism financing and predicate criminality“, project promoter - State Agency for National Security.


The objective of the information day was to present to the project promoters the invitations for project proposals, to give more detail information on the application procedure, as well as to discuss on various issues regarding the elaboration and submission of project proposals.


The invitations for project proposals are published on the website of the International Projects Directorate -, the website of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 - and in the Information System for Management and Monitoring of EU funds in Bulgaria 2020 -