Change starts with education

08-04-2024 12:06

This #InternationalRomaDay we look at the story of an extraordinary Roma woman. From where does the path begin and is success possible?

"Education is the path to a better future," says Mabera Camberi, and her personal story proves it. Her father was the first Roma to graduate in economics in North Macedonia, and шгег worked for many years as deputy director of a major textile factory. "He was an example for me, if he could do it, then I can do it too". Mabera graduated in sociology, went through various positions, and for 20 years has held a senior position in the Macedonian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and is vice-chair of the Council of Europe's expert committee on Roma and Travellers. She is convinced that investment in Roma education solves many problems. It gives a different perspective and opens up many opportunities - for a better job and a better way of life. Encouraging education from a very early age includes financial support for families, but in exchange for the requirement that children must attend school on a regular basis.

Mabera Camberi was one of the participants at the SYNERGY International Conference within the project "Working together for a Europe without violence: ensuring Roma and traveller women's access to justice to assert their right to be free from violence", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The event was hosted by Foundation European Institute.