Access to justice vs. violence

22-06-2023 15:06

She says that you should keep your traditions, your language, and be proud of it. Minorities can be very diverse, but they should have the opportunity to develop. Ingeborg Larsen is a senior adviser to the Sami Parliament in Norway, home to most of this ancient people. Well-known for their reindeer herding and handicraft skills in the past, today the Sami heritage is visible from rap music and the theater scene to modern design and architecture. The education, Ingeborg identifies as key."We have doctors, psychologists and other specialists, you can go to them and they will understand you, you don't have to explain at long about your understanding and culture." For 20 years she has combined her work as a lawyer with the cause of helping to solve problems in the community, one of which is domestic violence. A huge percentage of sami women report that they have been victims of domestic violence; dealing with it requires complex actions, but it starts with being able to get them to talk. Ingeborg Larsen was one of the participants at the SYNERGY International Conference within the project "Working together for a Europe without violence: ensuring Roma and traveller women's access to justice to assert their right to be free from violence", funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The event was hosted by Foundation European Institute.