A phrasebook with rare languages for working with refugees

04-04-2023 12:22

"We have seen people who come with two different shoes and people who wear flip flops in the snow. At such moments I say to myself - I have shoes! One of the reasons I love my job is that it grounds me, makes me appreciate the things we take for granted," says Victoria Peneva. Together with Kiril Petrunov, they work with refugees at the Registration and Reception Centre in Sofia - Voenna Rampa. The challenge in their work is its huge amount related to the increased number of people seeking international protection. To communicate with them, a phrasebook has been created with rarely encountered languages such as Dari, Persian, Kurdish, Pashto, Urdu and Arabic. The phrasebook is part of the project "Increasing the administrative capacity of the national authorities in the asylum and migration area" of the State Agency for Refugees at the Council of Ministers, funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. 

The project partners are the Border Police Directorate General, the Migration Directorate, the National Legal Aid Bureau and the National Police Immigration Service of Norway.

Training courses to enhance skills, a handbook on asylum and migration related legal issues, and information videos are planned.