Peer Gynt Travels

Name of the project:

Peer Gynt Travels

Operational programme:

Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation


“Access to Arts and Culture Improved

Name of procedure:

First call for project proposals under Outcome 2 “Access to Arts and Culture Improved” 


18 months


Short description of the project

n the project “Peer Gynt Travels”, a set of complementary creative and educational forms will be prepared and implemented through which Norwegian culture will be promoted. A presentation to the public and to a wide academic audience of works of the most iconic representatives of Norwegian dramaturgy and music are planned. Seminars will be held (in Bulgaria and Norway) with academic audience and workshops on Ibsen texts and images will take place. A new performance on the dramatic poem "Peer Gynt" by the "father of modern theater" - Henrik Ibsen - will be created and staged, with an interpretation of the music of the renowned Edvard Grieg. A documentary on the modern approach to Ibsen and the process of creating the production and its presentation will be made. The film will be screened after each of the seminars. A strategy to attract the audience will be developed and part of the theater team will be trained in that regard. The play "Peer Gynt" touches on existential topics for the human nature-about the Self, the choice, the eternal search, the devaluation of the human face before selfishness and the catharsis by realizing the most valuable in life. The play will be presented to Bulgarian public in small settlements: Dositeevo and Izvorovo villages (Harmanli Municipality); Haskovo District; Korten village (Nova Zagora Municipality, Sliven District); town of Dobrinishte (Bansko Municipality, Blagoevgrad District); in peripheral areas/neighborhoods in towns, municipal centers – Sofia City, Municipal Cultural Institute – Iskar Culture House (Iskar District), Municipal Cultural Institute – Nadezhda (Nadezhda District); town of Sliven – at the Tuida fortress outside the city center; town of Harmanli –community center stage, outside the city center; on the Sofia Theater’s stage and a festival in the town of Bergen (Norway). This project will allow a new and diverse audience to get access to culture, to experience and become involved with the new theatrical performance.