Norwegian forensic scientists share experience with colleagues from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences

09-06-2022 10:39

On 07.06.2022 and 08.06.2022 at the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (NIFS) was held a training led by experts from the National Investigation Service of Norway (Kripos) on the topic of Gunshot residue examination. During the training the Norwegian and the Bulgarian experts had the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge in the field of gunshot residue examination. Cases with the use of non tox ammunition which were of particular interest to both parties were discussed. The challenging topics were also covered. The experts managed to compare their ways of conducting a gunshot residue examination, to find the similarities and the differences, and to compare the way of forming an expert report and its defense in the court. Attention was also paid to the road of an expert from a trainee to an expert who signed and defended their expert report. As a result of the training, the Norwegian colleagues showed their methodologies for conducting the examination, as well as the protocol and the plan for its validation, as the method for conducting the gunshot residue examination was accredited in Kripos, which will help the Bulgarian side to take steps for its accreditation in Bulgaria.

The activity is implemented under the project “Development of Expert Forensic Examinations and Activities at National Institute of Forensic Sciences (NIFS-MoI) and Technical Upgrade and Expansion of the Possibilities of Five Basic Regional Forensic Laboratories” financed by Home Affairs Programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021. The Financial Mechanism represent Norway’s contribution towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.