Opening pressconference under project "Early childhood education and care in Kyustendil Municipality"

14-10-2022 11:44

On October 13, 2022, Kyustendil Municipality held an opening pressconference under project No. BGLD-2.003-0004 "Early childhood education and care in Kyustendil Municipality". The main goal of the project is to provide support to children from vulnerable groups, including Roma communities in early childhood and their families to improve access to health care, form parenting skills, improve the family environment, increase children's school readiness for inclusion in the education system, aiming to limit the transmission of poverty between generations. The complex integrated measures will be aimed at improving access to education, health protection and development of social skills for children aged 0-6 from Kyustendil Municipality who do not attend/do not have access to kindergarten or crèche, or live in isolated rural and urban, predominantly poor areas with a concentration of problems creating a risk of poverty, social exclusion and marginalisation. The specific objectives of the project proposal are:

Creation of a complex of services (hub) providing functionally related services for early childhood education and care for the children of the target groups and their parents, including: Provision of support for children of early childhood and support for access to education; Improving access to social and health services for children from vulnerable groups; Supporting the transition from a family to a formal educational environment.
Engaging and activating families and the community to provide quality early childhood education and care through multiple sequential interventions; formation of parenting skills, health care, social and life skills, as well as the development and education of children.
The project is worth BGN 977,178.92 and is being implemented in partnership with the Association "Regional Development Center ROMA".