Call for proposals “Establishing youth centres”

27-09-2019 10:48

               Today 27.09.2019, the Programme Operator of the „Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups” programme, co-financed by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, declares: Call for proposals: “Establishing youth centres”

             The main objective of the procedure is establishing youth centres that meet high standards of youth work, provide comprehensive services to young people, ensure diversity of activities (incl. international activities) and respond to the needs and aspirations of young people, including the ones from the vulnerable groups.

            Eligible candidates for the procedure are: municipalities which are administrative centres of the districts in the Republic of Bulgaria, with the exception of Stara Zagora, Dobrich - City Municipality, Plovdiv Municipality and Vratsa Municipality.

Project partners in those projects may be:

- from the Bulgarian side - public authorities and non-governmental organizations,

- from the donor countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) - any public or private legal entity, whether commercial or non-commercial, as well as non-governmental organizations registered as legal entities in donor countries, beneficiary countries or a non-European country an economic space which shares a common border with the beneficiary country concerned or any international organization, body or agency of those countries actively involved and effectively contributing to the implementation of the project shall be considered as eligible and project partners.

             The total amount of the grant under this procedure is EUR 8 000 000.

             The budget for each project can range from EUR 1 500,000 to EUR 2,000,000. Applicants' co-financing is not required.

             The deadline for submission of project proposals is December 30, 2019, 18:00 h.   

          Application guidelines and other procedure documents:        

1. Насоки за кандидатстване

2 .Application guidelines

3. Документи за попълване

4. Documents for submission

5. Документи за информация

6. Documents for information

7. Въпроси и отговори

 The application guidelines and the other procedure documents (in Bulgarian and English) are published also in UMIS2020 at the following address: