Project launch event "Model for integrated development for education and care in early childhood in Sofia city"

31-10-2022 15:36

On October 28, 2022, a project opening event was held "Model for integrated development for education and care in early childhood in Sofia city". The pressconference was attended by representatives of the Programme Operator, NFP under the Council of Ministers, the mayors of the districts of "Krasna Polyana" - Mr. Ivan Chakarov and "Slatina" - Mr. Georgi Iliev and other experts from responsible institutions. Ms. Minka Yovcheva, director of the Directorate of "Social Services for Children and Adults" in Sofia Municipality and project manager, presented the project's activities, its goals and expected results to those present.

The project offers a complex of functionally related services to improve access to education at an early age, increase parental commitment and activate families and the community to ensure quality education and care, through multiple successive interventions, such as the formation of parental competences, improving access to healthcare care, improving social and life skills, supporting cognitive and social development and early education of children. The project will provide support to children from vulnerable groups living on the territory of three regions in the Sofia Municipality - "Lyulin" district - "Filipovtsi" district, "Krasna Polyana" district - village "Faculty", "Slatina" district - "Hristo Botev" quarter. Dr. Elena Kabakchieva, chairwoman of the Health and Social Development Foundation, presented the Model for Integrated Development (MID). The model for integrated development in a Roma community, aimed at children and their parents, can play a significant role in forming effective policies for the development of human resources by influencing the factors on which good health, mental and intellectual development and social skills depend. After the official part of the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the services offered at Suhodolska Center.