The Ministry of Environment and Water is launching an open call "Climate"

16-09-2021 16:50

Open Call № 3 “Climate” under Outcome 4: “Increased ability of local communities to reduce emissions and adapt to changing climate” was launched on 16.09.2021. The Call is initiated under Environment Protection and Climate Change Programme, run by the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The purpose of the Call is to increase the capacity of local municipalities to evaluate their strategic plans and programs concerning planned and implemented actions for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change. T

The Call's total budget is 1 652 138, 39 EURO. The minimum amount of project funding is EUR 200, 000 and the maximum - EUR 500, 000.

Deadline for applications - 5:00 pm EEST on 16 November 2021.  Guidelines and Annexes are published on EUMIS 2020 here: