Ministry of Environment and Water conducted Information Day Webinar under the Open Call № 1 "Diffuse pollution of marine waters"

16-04-2021 15:39

On 15th of April 2021, the Programme Operator of Environment Protection and Climate Change the Programme (EPCCP) at the Ministry of Environment and Water held an Information Day on the announced call for project proposals "Diffuse pollution of marine waters under Outcome 2: Assessment, Monitoring and Management System of Marine Waters Developed" in online format.

The aim of the call is development of a methodology for assessment of the pressure and impact from diffuse sources of pollution (including atmospheric deposition) on marine environment, as well as development of measures to reduce land-based pollution on the marine environment.

The following stakeholders may submit project proposals: educational, scientific and research institutions, national authorities, regional administrations, municipalities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the public.

The eligible applicants under the call are research and knowledge dissemination organisations.


The eligible activities that can be included in the project proposals are: development and presentation of methodology for assessing the pressures and impacts of diffuse sources of pollution (including atmospheric deposition) on the marine environment; conducting awareness raising campaigns and educational campaigns in relation to the developed assessment methodology; Activities to enhance the skills and competences of the professional staff in assessing the pressures and impact of diffuse sources of pollution and implementation of initiatives for reduction of pollution from land based sources on marine environment

It is important to notice that only one complex project will be approved, the results of which will contribute to the systematic enforcement of the policy for protection of the marine environment, as explained by the Programme Operator of EPCCP.

The total amount of the grant under the call is EUR 800,000. The minimum grant for a project proposal is EUR 200 000 and the maximum is EUR 800 000.

The deadline for project proposals submission is 5 pm on July 1, 2021.


Information about the call:


Presentations HERE and HERE