Information Day on the Call for proposals for “Small Grant Scheme for Pilot Models for Marine Water Purification” under the Environment Protection and Climate Change Programme

20-12-2019 17:38

On 7th January 2020, the Programme Operator of the Environment and Climate Change Programme will conduct an Information Day in the Europe Hall located at 22 MOEW, Maria Louisa Blvd. for the Call for Proposals “ Small Grant Scheme for Pilot Models for Marine Water Purification”according to Outcome 2: "Assessment, Monitoring and Management System of Marine Waters Developed".

The aim of the Small Grant Scheme is to finance projects implementing innovative methods and technologies for marine water purification, which have a pilot nature.
The program of the event can be found HERE


     Due to the limited capacity of the hall, those who wish to attend on the Information Day should submit a registration form by 3rd January 2020 at the latest. Which could be found HERE.

Program Operator reserves the right after filling capacity of the hall to reject applications for participation.


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