World Environment Day - 5 June 2021

05-06-2021 11:55

UN declared 2021 - 2030 to be the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration - a global initiative to strengthen the connection between people and nature. While profound, the dynamic of this relationship has drastically changed: after decades of mass exploitation of natural recourses, our main task today is to restore the environmental equilibrium.

Reciprocity and balance are the foundation of social interactions and we naturally seek them. However, our relationship with nature is different. Environmental problems are not a matter of personal choice. They are global and have been piling up for years yet there is always a solution.

Norway for instance resorts to early education. It begins in kindergartens and it is national priority. Thus teachers and children, scientists, parents and neighbors together take the first steps towards sustainable consumption, energy efficiency, and protection of biodiversity. Children don’t use these words but they are quick to understand how precious water is, which species are endangered and how exciting it is to invent toys and technologies with care and concern about the environment. 

In Bulgaria the EEA and Norway Grants also provide an incentive for such participation. They support our joint efforts for development and change.

On the World Environment Day, the Programme Operator for Protection of Environment and Climate Change Programme puts the spotlight on environmental education and the role of children in our interactions with nature.

On the link below you can listen to the conversation between Vassilena Mircheva from BNR, Sylvia Rangelova - Director of the Programme Operator and Svein Terje Baatvik - Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Environmental Agency.