Launch of a project of the General Labour Inspectorate for cooperation for decent work

17-10-2019 11:34

On 8th of October 2019, the National Focal Point, managing the Fund for Bilateral Relations, signed a contract with the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency for implementation of the Project Initiative “Cooperation for decent work”.

The Project Initiative will be implemented with the partnership of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

The Overall budget is 800 000 EUR (1 564 664 BGN) from the Fund for Bilateral relations.

Project Initiative name: “Cooperation for decent work”

Project Initiative Number: DFPO-1.002-0002

Beneficiary: General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency

Partner: Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Budget: 800 000 EUR (1 564 664 BGN)

Start of the Project Initiative: 08.10.2019

Duration: 29 months

The Project Initiative includes activities and topics identified as particularly significant for the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency (GLI EA) and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The activities will focus on promoting decent working conditions for employees, fair competition for companies and sustainable welfare systems through information activities, joint inspections and sharing good practices between the labour inspectorates. Promoting decent work, including tackling undeclared work and achieving equal rights, equal pay and equal treatment for all employees is a key priority of common interest to both labour inspectorates. Therefore, an information tool about the risk assessment of undeclared work will be developed and implemented on the new GLI EA website, which will be elaborated under the present Project Initiative. The project will strengthen the bilateral relations between GLI EA and Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, in line with the aims of the bilateral agreement, signed on 29th of August 2017 in Trondheim, Norway. The specific activities for implementation of the cooperation between the both labour inspectorates will be specified in yearly working programmes and will include dialogue and continuous exchange of information, joint inspections of undertakings, information about the national laws and regulations of the countries and exchange of experiences and best practices.